Sensefy is a Enterprise Semantic Search Engine developed by Zaizi. Built on top of leading open source software, it provides users with advanced enterprise search functionalities.

Sensefy is Semantic because it enriches the documents semantically to extract entities such as people, organisations and places and improve the user's search experience by providing intelligent search functionalities.

Sensefy is Enterprise because it offers federated search, allowing the user to index the content from heterogeneous data sources while ensuring the security restrictions of the source systems. Users only see the documents they are allowed to see in the search results.


  1. Federated search across multiple repositories: Powerful federated search capabilities enable you to search across all data sources in the organisation like Alfresco, File System, Emails, Windows Share and more.

  2. Faster performance: Retrieval time of colossal amounts of content is quicker with Apache Solr, search results can be viewed at once from all sources, or separately for each data.

  3. Automatic classification: Semantic facets automatically classify search results and offer the capability to search by entity types.

  4. User permissions: Search solution preserves access permissions to content for different users in different systems, without having to implement additional security controls.

  5. Multiple language support: Sensefy supports semantic searches in popular languages and is available independently or coupled with content solutions from Zaizi.

  6. Intelligent experience: Find the exact document you need without having to worry about the title.

    Semantic enrichment enables you to find similar documents with high accuracy and relevancy.

    Semantic smart auto complete eases the user’s search task by prompting possible results and suggestions on typing the search term.

    Entity driven search is a step ahead from ordinary keyword search and enables natural language as search terms. The entity description and search results can be obtained on retrieval.

    User can retrieve more relevant and accurate results for each search result that appears for a specific search term.


  1. Increase cost savings with open standards that allow seamless integration with multiple data sources, so Sensefy is the most cost-effective among proprietary solutions.

  2. Improve user productivity through a federated search that offer one stop access to all the content in the enterprise from files, to documents, digital assets and records.

  3. Combination of Apache Solr and ManifoldCF perfects the search function with operational efficiency and security.

  4. Content searched within your enterprise becomes smarter as you go because our solution will automatically tag and link data.

  5. Scalability and speed of performance is ensured with the powerful Solr technology and search architecture.

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Support Or Contact

The issue tracker is the preferred channel for bug reports, features requests and submitting pull requests.

Community support for Sensefy is available via Stackoverflow. Please submit any community support requests over Stackoverflow.

Commercial support for Sensefy is available from Zaizi. Zaizi provides a variety of support levels for Enterprise Content Management and Search implementations. Please contact Zaizi if you require assistance.

Authors and Contributors

Sensefy stared as a research project at Zaizi and has had contributions from various people. Current release version is actively being developed by:


All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials are made available under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) version 3.0 which accompanies this distribution, and is available at


Thanks for taking the time to contribute. Before we can accept any pull requests we will require you or your company will need to sign a Contributor License Agreement (CLA).

A CLA is a document that specifies how a project is allowed to use your contribution. We want a CLA that is simple and as clear as possible so that it doesn't impede contributions to the Sensefy project.

When you make a contribution to the Sensefy project, you agree:

  1. Your contribution is your original work (you own the copyright) or you otherwise have the right to submit the work.

  2. You grant the Sensefy project a nonexclusive, irrevocable license to use your submitted contribution in any way.

  3. You are capable of granting these rights for the contribution.

  4. By submitting a contribution to the Sensefy project you agree to the above statements.